A Tale of Bizzy, a Busy Bee at The BizzyHyve Inc.

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Once upon a time there was a busy bee named Bizzy who worked at a bee hive. Bizzy was very busy and when other bees inquired how she was doing, Bizzy sighed “busy” and rushed back to her busyness.

Most of the time, Bizzy was busy being busy. A big part of her busy day was spent in busy meetings with other busy bees from across the hive. Important bees would buzz about ratios of honey to flowers and Bizzy would sit and listen, inevitably slipping into the Beebook and Instahive admiring the lives of slacking bees who weren’t as busy. Once in a while, the busiest busy bee would call her by name and Bizzy would do some busy bee speak (known to the outside world as “BS”). At the end of the gathering, a synergetic alignment would be reached and Bizzy would jump back into her busy day.

Bizzy never forgot to plan her day. Her todo list was always full of tasks that kept her busy. She read buzzes from other bees, wrote beemorandums and methodically checked off items on her busy list. Bizzy’s calendar was full of important busyness like interviewing other aspiring busy bees and busy chats with co-hivers. Bizzy was living the life of her dream, no one was as busy as her.

And then came The Day. Bees stood in line with their buckets of honey and the Very Important Bee measured how much honey each bee brought to the hive. But Bizzy had none because she had been too busy to have any. Despite her committed busyness, Bizzy was fired.

Morale: Being busy ain’t equal no honey. Stop wasting time and do things that matter.

The end.

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