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A quest to un-complicate the hard stuff.


I am a curious person and I spend a lot of time learning new stuff. In my free time I code, design, play the guitar and read books. And I am also a father, which means my free time is pretty limited.

I currently work as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Seattle-based cloud computing company. Previously I spent a few years at DHL Express working on business intelligence and logistics applications in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Long time ago I also run a web design & development business. I have a BS in Computer Science from Baikal National University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Learning philosophy: from big picture to deep knowledge

When I have a technical problem, I usually attack it head on acquiring the minimum necessary bits and pieces of knowledge required to solve it. I find the shortest path to the solution and then dig deep into every domain of knowledge that was required to solve the problem. I use the new information to refine and optimize the solution.

I am a big fan of experiential learning and hands-on labs and this is why I started this blog. I believe that many human-made things are unnecessarily complicated and can be simplified. This blog is for things that beg for simplification.

Ilya Bezdelev

Senior Product Manager @ AWS. Developer. Designer. Guitarist.

Tinkering with web apps since 1998.
All opinions are my own.